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"Monolog for Flo Polilo, Third Victim of the Butcher of Kingsbury Run (1936)." Moon City Review

"The Nine Friends of Death: A Short Play." The Santa Ana River Review

The Painter Seeks A Muse And The Historian Lectures on Jack The Ripper: A Short Play. The New Plains Review

"Legendary Wolves: In Memory of Peter Stumpp's Daughter." The Brooklyn Review

"The Deep Dark." Ghostlight

"Deathless." Monsters Out Of The Closet

"Deathless" interview. Monsters Out Of The Closet

“Job Hunting.” Tales to Terrify

"Murder Fetish." Thirteen Postcards From Hell

"The Bloody Knives." Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology

“Curios.” Not Just A Pretty Face anthology by Dead Lights Publishing

“River Song.” The Aphotic Realm

"The Spread." Eighteen: Stories of Mischief and Mayhem

"Black Dog." Murder Park After Dark (forthcoming)