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"Monolog for Flo Polilo, Third Victim of the Butcher of Kingsbury Run (1936)." Moon City Press

"A Proposal." The Olive Press

"scene: filmmaker seeks poet's advice on composition of sext to future wife" and "Artemesia Gentileschi, Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting (1639)." Mistake House

"Final Project Presented In Form of Sculpture", "Dime Store Murder Story, and "Legendary Wolves: In Memory of Peter Stumpp's Daughter." New Thoreau Quarterly

"The Nine Friends of Death." Santa Ana River Review

"Sister." Nixes Mate Review Best of 2017 Anthology

"The Bear Cave", "The Fish And I Discuss Suicide", and "Androcles and the Lion, A Eulogy." The Write Launch

"Wonderland." The Vignette Review

"In Regards To My Disciplinary Record." The Flexible Persona

"An Atheist In Trump's Americana." The Ocotillo Review

"Legendary Wolves: In Memory of Peter Stumpp's Daughter (Redux)." The Brooklyn Review

"A Babydyke's Primer To Slasher Films" and "The Language of the Outsider ." % Brickplight%

"Familiar." Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit

"The Painter Seeks A Muse And The Historian Lectures On Jack The Ripper, a short play." New Plains Review

"The Suicide of Dorothy Hale. 1938. Oil on Masonite. 60.4 x 48.cm." Linden Avenue Literary Journal

"three takes on the historical record." Oyez Review

"Drafting." The Esthetic Apostle

"wrecker." A Suitcase Full of Chrysanthemums anthology by great weather for MEDIA.

"Burial Ground." Typehouse Literary Magazine

"Pack Mentality." Alchemy Literary Magazine

"The Deep Dark." The Deep Dark

"the poets get gay married in autumn." Funicular Magazine

"Sibling Rivalry." West Texas Literary Review

"mice inherit apocalypse." The Helix Magazine

"Spoken Word." Headmistress Press

"Floor Show Funeral." The Emerson Review

"The Witch's Cat And Her Fateful Murder Ballads." The Esthetic Apostle. Chapbook contest winner.

"Remix Theory: The Great American Eclipse (2017)." Fearsome Critters

"Job Hunting." Tales to Terrify. (Forthcoming)

"Deathless." Monsters Out of the Closet

"Murder Fetish." Thirteen Postcards From Hell

"Curios." Not Just A Pretty Face

"heroine" and "Job Interview." Pinnacle Anthology

"a note on north stars." Panoplyzine

"Floor Show Funeral." The Emerson Review

"monster." Willard and Maple

"Sister/History." Utterance Journal

"Mary Jane Kelly (1889)." Slippery Elm

"Connection Is Context in the Internet Age." Variant Literary Journal (forthcoming)

"War Story." Collateral

"River Song." The Aphotic Realm

"The Medusa Strain." The Oakland Review

"the poet buries a black dog." Red Flag Poetry

"Black Dog." Murder Park After Dark (forthcoming)

"Scapegoat." Horror for the Throne (reprint)

"The Bloody Rings." Strange Girls: Women in Horror Anthology

"The Spread." Eighteen: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem

"House of Cats." Abstract: Contemporary Expressions

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